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Google Announces New Core Algorithm Updates

Core Algorithm Update

A core algorithm update is announced by Google when changes are made that are large enough to be felt by publishers and search marketers.

The Official Google Search Central account tweeted the update announcement

A core algorithm update is a change to multiple parts of Google’s algorithm.

While the algorithm is always undergoing changes, a core algorithm update tends to be more noticeable.

Expect the changes to the algorithm to be seen within the next few days as the changes are rolled out to data centers.

There is no confirmation how this impacts the search results (SERPs) around the world and in different languages.

Presumably, this will affect search results across most languages since these kinds of updates are more general.

Will Core Update Amplify Helpful Content Update?

Danny Sullivan recently tweeted, in response to questions, that the effects of the helpful content update might become more observable during a core algorithm update.

He tweeted:

“Maybe the helpful content signal alone wasn’t enough to tip the scales and produce a change in someone’s particular situation, but when we do other updates (core, product reviews), it might add into that and be more significant….”

That seems like a general statement however and I wouldn’t take that to mean that a core update WILL be more noticeable in a core update.

It’s important to note that Danny prefaced his statement with a “maybe.”

That said, the helpful content is a part of the core algorithm core and is continually running so that a new website can be affected by that algorithm component known as the Helpful Content Update (HCU).

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Unless Google makes a specific statement that the Helpful Content Update is a major part of this core update, it may be premature to say that it is being amplified in this September Core update.

Despite some early predictions that the HCU was going to change everything, the search community has now regards it with a shrug.

Some have expressed the opinion that they are expecting the HCU to come back stronger with a core update.

But I disagree.

Back on August 19th, I expressed the opinion on my Facebook feed that based on the past performance of other targeted updates.

The review updates and various spam updates did not shake up the industry. The impact was largely limited to the most obvious offenders.

Because the HCU was also targeted and the announcement called out specific bad examples, I felt that the HCU would also not affect the average website.

I wrote at the time:

“Google’s previous series of Review Updates seemed to only catch the really obvious pages. So, based on the performance of those updates, I’ve got my expectations dialed low for the Helpful Update.

So I think it’s going to be like in the old Humphrey Bogart movie Casablanca, when the authorities go out to round up the usual suspects.”

Search Community Response to Core Update

The Search Community response was generally hopeful that it’ll make the search results better.

How to Respond to Core Update

But the response in some of the affiliate marketing spaces were muted, not much in the way of comments.

The best approach now is to be vigilant of any changes in search console but don’t react.

Search results may bounce around for the next few weeks.

Allow the search results to settle down before trying to make sense of it.

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