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5 Tips for Creating Professional Looking Websites

A professional website provides an excellent first impression of your business. To create an effective website quickly and without hassle, here are some tips to get started.

1. Define Your Purpose

Before you start designing, it’s important to define why your website exists and what purpose it should serve. This will will help guide your design decisions and ensure you prioritize the right features and share the most important content.

2. Develop a Consistent Design

Consistency is key when creating a professional website. Every page should share a similar look and feel, including matching text and background colors, fonts and layout. This will ensure your visitors have an enjoyable experience, and that your website looks cohesive and organized.

3. Use Professional Graphics

High-quality photography, illustrations and graphics can help give a professional polish to your website. Remember to look for images that are professional, relevant and appropriate for your brand.

4. Choose a Trustworthy Domain Name

Your domain name is the first thing people see and a key factor in establishing trust with your visitors. When possible, opt for a domain name that’s easy to type, easy to remember and closely relates to your business’s name or message.

5. Include Simple Navigation

Navigation should be at the top of your list when designing a website. Your navigation menu should be:

  • Easy to understand: Make sure your navigation labels are intuitive and clearly explain where each link will take your visitors.


  • Easy to scan: Include no more than 7 primary navigation options, and make them clear and concise.


  • Well-organized: Group related navigation options together in drop-down menus to keep your menu neat and organized.


By following these steps for creating a professional website, you’ll be able to give your visitors a positive impression and easily communicate the value of your business.

John Melvin

John Melvin

Florida native turned digital virtuoso. From AOL to Designline Studio and Roger West Creative, my 20+ years in the game have evolved into a mastery of Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and SEO. Now weaving online magic at Tampa Bay Interactive, where every click is a conversion and pixels meet perfection.

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