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5 Ways to Improve Your Website Design for Better User Experience

Development, Website

If you're looking to improve the user experience on your website, you may be overwhelmed by all the options available to you. Here are five tried and true tips for improving your website design for a better user experience. 1.…

5 Tips to Increase Your Website’s Speed and Performance

Performance, Speed, Tips

Creating a fast and efficient website is key for customer experience and improved search engine rankings. Slow loading and poor performance can be disastrous for your website and negatively affect your business. Here are 5 tips to help you increase…

Getting Started with Responsive Web Design


Getting Started With Responsive Web Design With the rise of mobile technology, responsive web design has become a necessity for any website to stay competitive and engaging. Responsive web design allows sites to adapt to different screen sizes, offering an…

5 Tips For Creating Professional-Looking Websites

5 Tips for Creating Professional-Looking Websites

Marketing, Website

A professional website provides an excellent first impression of your business. To create an effective website quickly and without hassle, here are some tips to get started. 1. Define Your Purpose Before you start designing, it’s important to define why…

Finding Your Google Calendar ID and Public URL

Google, Wordpress Plugins

If you want to share a Google Calendar, then first you’ll need to change the calendar settings to make it public. To do that, you will need to open the Google calendar you want to share. 1) Go to…

Google Announces New Core Algorithm Updates

Marketing, Seo

Core Algorithm Update A core algorithm update is announced by Google when changes are made that are large enough to be felt by publishers and search marketers. The Official Google Search Central account tweeted the update announcement A core algorithm…